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7090 – Flute angle 45/45

Our pads are made from a specially formulated virgin cellulose paper sourced from Swedish or Finland paper mills, then its chemically treated with special synthetic resins. It is designed with an exclusive cross-fluted configuration which induces highly turbulent mixing inside the pad between the water and the air, and contributes to the evaporative efficiency. The cross-fluted design makes a strong self-supporting pad with high evaporative efficiency and low resistance to air flow. Which results in lower static pressure drop, lower pressure means higher fan performance. The pad is totally protected against shrinking and deteriorations caused by “UV” rays, fungus, bacteria and algae

A distribution pad may be placed on the top of the cooling pad ensures a uniform supply of the water and minimizes the risk of dry spots.


It can be used for many different cooling purposes but is particularly suitable for cooling of livestock buildings, greenhouses, and cooling towers.

Pad Surface Coating

Is a tough and resilient optional edge treatment applied to the air entering face of the pad. It has been specially designed to withstand repeated cleaning without damaging the pad. It is nonporous and quick drying edge treatment. It prevents algae and minerals from anchoring themselves into the substrate of the pad, so they fall off when dried. It offers protection to the pads from the damaging effects of severe weather and long-term exposure to UV light. It the life of the pad over that of non-treated pads.