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Pad Maintenance Guide

Cell deck is a durable and long-lasting cooling media. Following are suggestions that will maximize the life and efficiency of the cooling pads.

We recommend that the pH of the water be maintained at a level between 6 and 8. Exceeding these limits will seriously deplete the resin content of the pad and thus reduce its structural integrity.

Remove and brush pads with a soft bristled brush and then flush system to remove debris. This should be done every 4 to 6 weeks during operating season.

Clean water distribution system is the most important aspect for maintaining the entire evaporative cooling system. This, coupled with quarterly inspection/maintenance checks, will ensure a properly operating evaporative cooling system.

Frequently check system for damaged or clogged cooling pads.

Minimize the number of on/off wetting cycles for the cooling pads.

Completely dry the cooling pads once every 24 hours.

Maintain a water bleed off rate of 3-5% per day.

Ensure sump tank is enclosed and cleaned bi-weekly.

Clean water filters weekly.